UTU is a social platform built to benefit members. Traditional social media platforms are built to invade privacy and sell personal data to profit the few. UTU gives the benefit back to members by rewarding their attention.


UTU is a social platform for real people ONLY​

At UTU, we ensure bot-free and real people only by utilizing Certified Biometric Liveness & 3D Face Authentication. One account per person. We champion realness and trusted social ecology.

utu one social platform

NFT Market Place

UTU is proud to be the pioneer that experiments social media with self-owned NFT markets on the Internet. UTU is a trust-worthy platform for everyone to engage, participate and enjoy. Celebrities can access and maintain a large fanbase, whereas fans can get closer to their idols by live communications. Everyone on UTU can create, browse and trade NFTs. We believe that the power of combining socials and NFTs will create new possibilities.


No private and public key management
No tech knowledge required
Anyone can send, receive and trade


All recorded on the EOSIO blockchain
Secure and immutable
Facial Recognition. Protect your account.

Build on EOSIO Blockchain

EOSIO blockchain infrastructure and smart contracts provide transparency and trust. No shady algorithms and misleading information. No manipulating news feeds driven by profit. UTU gives control back to users and the community.

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