Amanda Cerny Gets Influential with UTU.ONE

Amanda Cerny Gets Influential with UTU.ONE

Toronto, September, 2021 – UTU.ONE, the blockchain-powered social app built to redefine social is excited to announce that one of social media’s most recognized influencer, Amanda Cerny has joined UTU.ONE. With over 50 million-plus followers across several social platforms, the actress and social media trailblazer continues to captivate the world with the announcement she will be joining UTU.ONE as part of the official app launch.

Earning the esteemed status as the number one ranked IGTV account holder in the world makes Amanda a major addition to the UTU social network where Cerny can continue to share her daily dose of humor and happiness helping people feel their best through her own DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) made available exclusively through the UTU.ONE social app.

“I love how there is no way for fake accounts, bots, and therefor targeted bullying on UTU.ONE”, shares Cerny. “I’m excited to join this positive and protected platform and community”.

The platform is for real people only and there is no collection of personal data, no passcode, or birth date required to join. Signing up is made easy through facial recognition and because everyone’s face is unique every user on the UTU (User to User) platform is verified as a real person.

“I’m thrilled for my fans to join so we can begin enjoying UTU.ONE together, it also gives me comfort knowing their personal data is protecting through the first ever social media platform built on blockchain”.

UTU.ONE is the only platform that combines a tokenized economy with the power of social media and is the next generation social platform built on blockchain for real people, offering unique features such as facial recognition sign-up and NFT rewards designed to benefit UTU members for interacting with the platform and other members.

Fans and Users can download the UTU.ONE app from both Apple and Google stores and join Amanda’s DAC community for free by using her CERNY token:

The company has made a total commitment to privacy, security and transparency by making a significant investment in the EOS blockchain to develop a platform that is scalable, reliable, eco-friendly and most of all, secure. This is the UTU commitment that our User to User community (UTU) can expect from UTU.ONE. We would like to remind everyone the value of privacy and real connections. Together we will create amazing user experiences designed to redefine social values for the benefit of everyone. We look forward to welcoming you to UTU.ONE.

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About UTU Technology Inc. – The company was originated in both Australia and Canada with a group of experts in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, with business executives from IBM, Alibaba, Apple, and Deakin University’s Blockchain Innovation Lab. The company developed the world’s first DAC app for iOS and Android on EOSIO, in addition to many other blockchain business solutions and decentralized applications. In 2020, UTU technology Inc. made the strategic decision to establish its HQ in Toronto, Canada to further the company’s business expansions worldwide.

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