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Gear up and play the game before the world is built. A surprising Ethereum NFT project, Loot can be seen as tokenized lists of adventurer gear available via contract only. It’s an image depicting a randomized bag of weapons and equipment.

Loot is providing unfiltered building blocks for the burgeoning, decentralized game universe. Game players are free to develop storylines, generative artwork programs, create avatars, quest maps, and build metaverse upon Loot NFTs. The project is pursuing complete decentralization to achieve an NFT paradigm shift to Web 3.0.

Players are here in the community before the game has even been built. While the truth is that having a social NFT in the pocket cannot secure you to share a piece of pie. The key is to allow a broader range of adventurers to participate in the ecosystem.

Map Your Journey in Loot DAC
Map Your Journey in Loot DAC

In a world where everything is going to be permissionless, open-source, and decentralized, no one can determine where is the future of social NFTs. We need the community to navigate their future.

UTU is here to place a table for all shareholders – a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Community) for Loot owners only, where actions are recorded on chain to be traceable and reliable. Owners of these early NFTs are the underlying valued community. Seeds of awareness of the NFTs will be explored and planted by the mass through consensual running.

The owner’s identity will be verified as an entry ticket to ensure the integrity of the source and consistency of operation. UTU promises a smooth experience to grow the size and engagement of your community by holding discussions, proposals, community tasks in one place. To run the ecosystem sustainably, custodians roundly elected from the community will be in place to maintain an overall running. With a built-in wallet and NFT market, Loot DAC in UTU provides in-app trade to keep interoperable to the mass market. Members can lend and stake social NFTs with an autogenerated and accumulated staking rewards.

Find Your Allies on UTU
Step One to Join UTU Loot Dac
To join Loot DAC on UTU, download the UTU app,
and follow the on-screen instructions for completing your signup.
Step Two to Join UTU Loot Dac
Once you have the UTU app and account, tap the “Verify” button below. You will be directed to Metamask. If you are browsing on desktop, please sign in to to continue.
If you are using mobile, please ensure you have the app to process the verification. Then copy the link and open the page with the browser built in Metamask.
Step Three to Join UTU Loot Dac
Provide a signature to verify your NFT ownership. A QR code will be autogenerated then. Please save the QR code. No transactions will occur by signing.
Step Four to Join UTU Loot Dac
Check in by scanning your QR code in UTU to complete the verification.
Step Five to Join UTU Loot Dac
Once the verification completes, you will join the community automatically. It’s your time to discover and build the dreamland!

Scan QR code to join the DAC