UTU was a proud supporter of 13th Annual Niagara Music Awards on October 10, 2020 and sponsored “Best Producer of the Year”, “Best Promoter of the Year”, “Electronic Dance Artist of the Year” and “Male Artist of the Year”

There are two global achievement awards. The first one goes to Stephan Moccio who created A New Day for Celine Dion, Wrecking Ball for Miley Cyrus, Earned It for The Weeknd/50 Shades of Grey, Avril Lavigne – Head above Water, I Believe Canadian Winter Olympic Theme and many more.

Murda Beatz is Canada’s top hip-hop producer. Born in Niagara Falls and raised in Fort Erie Murda Beats has produced and collaborated with Drake, Nicki Manaj, Travis Scott, Gucci man etc. Started at a young age and still continues to create top quality music that is recognized around the world.

Congratulations to all nominees and winners!

Although the waters of Niagara Falls continue to fall – Niagara artists continue to rise and shine.

You can watch a full video here

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